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KIM1 / TIM1 / HAVCR1 Molecule  

TIM-1 / HAVCR1 Molecule Synonym Name


TIM-1 / HAVCR1 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
KI1-H5227HumanHuman TIM-1 / KIM-1 / HAVCR1 Protein

TIM-1 / HAVCR1 Molecule Background

Hepatitis A virus cellular receptor 1 is also known as HAVCR1, HAVCR, KIM1, TIM, TIM1, TIMD1, is widely expressed with highest levels in kidney and testis. The protein encoded by HAVCR1 gene is a membrane receptor for both human hepatitis A virus (HHAV) and TIMD4. The encoded protein may be involved in the moderation of asthma and allergic diseases. The reference genome represents an allele that retains a MTTVP amino acid segment that confers protection against atopy in HHAV seropositive individuals. Three transcript variants encoding the same protein have been found for this gene. HAVCR1 may play a role in T-helper cell development, the regulation of asthma and allergic diseases and in kidney injury and repair. In case of human hepatitis A virus (HHAV) infection, functions as a cell-surface receptor for the virus.


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