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TRKC / NTRK3 Molecule Synonym Name

NTRK3, TRKC, gp145

TRKC / NTRK3 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
TRC-H5226HumanHuman TrkC /NTRK3 Protein
TRC-H5254HumanHuman TrkC /NTRK3 Protein, With C-Fc Tag

TRKC / NTRK3 Molecule Background

TrkC tyrosine kinase also known as Trk-C receptor, NT-3 growth factor receptor and neurotrophic tyrosine kinase receptor type 3, is a member of the NTRK family which mediates the biological activities of neurotrophins. The primary location of TrkC expression is in the nervous system and, specifically, in regions of the CNS. Low level TrkC expression has also been observed in a wide variety of tissues outside the nervous system. TrkC is part of the large family of receptor tyrosine kinases which includes TrkA and TrkB. Also, there are other neurotrophic factors structurally related to NT-3: NGF, BDNF and NT-4. While TrkB mediates the effects of BDNF, NT-4 and NT-3, TrkA is bound and thereby activated only by NGF. Further, TrkC binds and is activated only by NT-3. TrkB binds BDNF and NT-4 more strongly than it binds NT-3. TrkC binds NT-3 more strongly than TrkB does. Upon neurotrophin binding, TrkC phosphorylates itself and down stream molecules of the related pathways, and therefore mediates the NT3-stimulated neurotrophic effects. This protein thus leads to cell proliferation, differentiation and plays a role in the development of proprioceptive neurons.


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