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TFPI2 / PP5 Molecule  

TFPI-2 Molecule Synonym Name


TFPI-2 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
TF2-H5227HumanHuman TFPI-2 Protein

TFPI-2 Molecule Background

Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor 2 (TFPI?2) is also known as placental protein 5 (PP5) and retinal pigment epithelial cell factor 1 (REF?1), is a member of the Kunitz-type serine proteinase inhibitor family, is a structural homologue of tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI). TFPI2 is highly abundant in the full-term placenta and widely expressed in umbilical vein endothelial cells, liver, placenta, heart, pancreas, and maternal serum at advanced pregnancy. TFPI?2 may play a role in the regulation of plasmin-mediated matrix remodeling. Inhibits trypsin, plasmin, factor VIIa/tissue factor and weakly factor Xa and has no effect on thrombin. Reduced synthesis of TFPI-2 has been related to numerous pathophysiological processes such as inflammation, angiogenesis, atherosclerosis, retinal degeneration and tumor growth / metastasis.


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