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CD80 / CD28LG Molecule  

B7-1 / CD80 Molecule Synonym Name


B7-1 / CD80 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
B71-H5228HumanHuman B7-1 / CD80 Protein
B71-H5259HumanHuman B7-1 / CD80 Protein, Fc Tag (HPLC-verified)
B71-H82F2HumanBiotinylated Human B7-1 / CD80 Protein, Fc Tag, Avi Tag (Avitag?)
CD0-C5252CynomolgusCynomolgus B7-1 / CD80 Protein, Fc Tag
CD0-C52H3CynomolgusCynomolgus B7-1 / CD80 Protein (HPLC-verified)
CD0-M5228MouseMouse B7-1 / CD80 Protein
CD0-M5259MouseMouse B7-1 / CD80 Protein, Fc Tag

B7-1 / CD80 Molecule Background

B7-1 and B7-2, together with their receptors CD28 and CTLA?4, constitute one of the dominant co-stimulatory pathways that regulate T? and B?cell responses. Although both CTLA?4 and CD28 can bind to the same ligands, CTLA?4 binds to B7?1 and B7?2 with a 20 ? 100 fold higher affinity than CD28 and is involved in the down?regulation of the immune response. B-lymphocyte activation antigen B7-1 (referred to as B7) also known as cluster of Differentiation 80 (CD80), is a member of cell surface immunoglobulin superfamily and is expressed on activated B cells, activated T cells, macrophages and dendritic cells. It is the ligand for two different proteins on the T cell surface: CD28 (for autoregulation and intercellular association) and CTLA-4 (for attenuation of regulation and cellular disassociation). CD80 works in tandem with CD86 to prime T cells. CD80 plays a role in induction of innate immune responses by activating NF-κB-signaling pathway in macrophages. CD80 is thus regarded as promising therapeutic targets for autoimmune diseases and various carcinomas.


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