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B2M Molecule  

B2M Molecule Synonym Name


B2M Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
B2M-C5226 Cynomolgus Cynomolgus beta 2-Microglobulin / B2M Protein
B2M-H5225 Human Human beta 2-Microglobulin / B2M Protein
B2M-R5229 Rat Rat beta 2-Microglobulin / B2M Protein

B2M Molecule Background

β2 microglobulin is also known as Beta-2-microglobulin (B2M), is a component of MHC class I molecules which belongs to the beta-2-microglobulin family. B2M is present on all nucleated cells (excludes red blood cells). B2M associates not only with the alpha chain of MHC class I molecules, but also with class I-like molecules such as CD1 and Qa. An additional function of B2M is association with the HFE protein, together regulating the expression of hepcidin in the liver which targets the iron transporter ferroportin on the cytoplasmic membrane of enterocytes and macrophages for degradation resulting in decreased iron uptake from food and iron release from recycled red blood cells respectively. Loss of this function causes iron excess and hemochromatosis. Defects in B2M are the cause of hypercatabolic hypoproteinemia (HYCATHYP).


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