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E.coli Expression  

E.coli has been used as a host to make recombinant proteins for many yeas, and have many advantages over other hosts in terms of the speed, cost, and productivity of obtaining end products. E.coli expression is the first choice for researches and biotechnology companies throughout the world to produce proteins.

ACRObiosystems produces proteins that do not require glycosylation using a proprietary expression vector and fermentation medium. Along with ACROBiosystem’s proprietary codon optimization tools, expression expertise, and powerful purification platform, we can guarantee greater than 5 mg of your purified protein for less than $1500.
* We offer a risk-free trial for customers who use the request form to send in their DNA sequences. Just send it to us, and we will take care of the rest!

Service Specification


Service Content Approaches  Deliverables Timeline

Gene synthesizing
&Plasmid construction

  • In-house codon optimization
  • Gene synthesis and verification
  • Cloning to proprietary expression vectors
  • Gene sequencing report
  • Constructed plasmid
20 days
  • Seeds train expansion
  • 1- 50L E.coli Fermentation 
  2-4 days
Purification & QC
  • Sonication/clarification after harvest
  • Chromatography column purification
  • Analytical assay
  • Milligram to gram purified proteins
  • QC report
3-5 days

Overlapped timeline: 2-3 weeks

Quotations and Ordering

Phone: +1 800-810-0816(US)   +86 400-685-2052(AP)
Fax: +1 888-377-6111