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PROCR / EPCR Molecule  

PROCR / EPCR Molecule Synonym Name


PROCR / EPCR Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
PRR-H5223HumanHuman PROCR / EPCR / CD201 Protein
PRR-H5254HumanHuman PROCR / EPCR / CD201 Protein, Fc Tag

PROCR / EPCR Molecule Background

Endothelial protein C receptor (PROCR) is also known as Activated protein C receptor (APC receptor), Endothelial cell protein C receptor, CD antigen CD201. PROCR / EPCR / CD201 is a N-glycosylated protein, with a soluble form exists. PROCR is probably released by a metalloprotease. PROCR seems to have the same activity as the membrane-bound form. PROCR / EPCR / CD201 is expressed strongly in the endothelial cells of arteries and veins in heart and lung. PROCR binds activated protein C and enhances protein C activation by the thrombin - thrombomodulin complex. PROCR plays a role in the protein C pathway controlling blood coagulation.