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CST2 Molecule  

Cystatin SA / CST2 Molecule Synonym Name


Cystatin SA / CST2 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
CS2-H5224HumanHuman Cystatin SA / CST2 Protein

Cystatin SA / CST2 Molecule Background

Cystatin-2 (CST2) is also known as Cystatin-SA, Cystatin-S5, is a secreted thiol protease inhibitor, which belongs to the cystatin family. The type 2 cystatin proteins are a class of cysteine proteinase inhibitors found in a variety of human fluids and secretions, where they appear to provide protective functions. The CST1, CST2, CST4, and CST5 are expressed in differential, tissue-specific patterns. CST2 is expressed in submandibular and sublingual saliva but not in parotid saliva (at protein level) and is also expressed in submandibular gland and parotid gland.


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