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Serpin H1 Molecule  

Serpin H1 Molecule Synonym Name

SERPINH1,Serpin H1,HSP47,CBP1,CBP2,SERPINH2,PIG14,AsTP3,Colligin,OI10,PPROM,RA-A47,gp46

Serpin H1 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
SE1-H5224HumanHuman Serpin H1 Protein

Serpin H1 Molecule Background

Serpin H1 is also known as SERPINH1, 47 kDa heat shock protein (HSP47), Collagen-binding protein (Colligin), Arsenic-transactivated protein 3 (AsTP3), which belongs to the serpin family. SERPINH1 binds specifically to collagen. SERPINH1 / HSP47 could be involved as a chaperone in the biosynthetic pathway of collagen.


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