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Services Overview  

 ACRObiosystems is one of the leading research provider for bulk proteins and antibody products. We offer exceptional speed without compromising product quality.

Our Integrated Solutions eliminate uncertainty shorten the production timeline

  • We can go from gene sequences to the milligram level, and then all the way to the gram level expression of proteins within 4-5 weeks.
  • Our unique cell clone screening/assay strategies are able to produce stable cell lines in just two months.
  • Our well characterized processes ensure product consistency and reliability.

High throughput production of proteins and monoclonal antibodies from the milligram all the way to the gram level

  • Parallel production of hundreds of known proteins/mAb at 10mg/L - 1g/L titers with 40 1 - 2L cell culture vessel.
  • Downstream Purification and Analysis services based on our expertise dealing with hundreds of different proteins.

Our Process Platform

  • Highly effective expression system with highly pure reagents, including vectors, host cell lines, and chemically well-defined media.
  • Well established cell culture and compatible downstream purification systems

Service Offerings

    Molecular Biology

    • DNA synthesis
    • DNA mutagenesis
    • Subcloning
    • Plasmid DNA Preparation(mg level)

    E.Coli based protein expression service

    Rapid Protein/mAb Production in Mammalian Cells

    • CHO based
    • HEK293 based

    Stable Cell Line Generation

    • CHO-DUKX-B11
    • CHO-DG44
    • CHO-S
    • CHO-K1

    Process Development

    • Medium optimization
    • Fermentation/cell culture process development
    • purification service and process development

    Analytical Assay

    • Spent medium analysis (Amino acids, Glucose, Vitamins, Lactate, Ammonia) for cell culture process
    • SDS-PAGE (reduced, non-reduced)
    • HPLC purity assay (HP-RPC, HP-SEC, HP-IEX, etc)
    • Peptide mapping
    • Western blot
    • ELISA
    • qPCR
    • Cell activity assay (MTT)
    • Affinity constant assay (ELISA)
    • N-terminal sequencing

    Downstream Process

    • Fast protein purification with high purity
    • Fast antibody production
    • Endotoxin free protein production
    • Multi-step purification process development
    • Downstream process development (key unit operation & whole process)
    • Downstream process scale-up
    • Downstream process development consultation

Quotations and Ordering

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