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CD71 / TFRC Molecule  

Transferrin R Molecule Synonym Name


Transferrin R Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
CD1-H5243HumanHuman Transferrin R / CD71 Protein
TFR-H8243HumanBiotinylated Human Transferrin R / CD71, ultra sensitivity (primary amine labeling)

Transferrin R Molecule Background

CD antigen CD71 is also known as Transferrin receptor protein 1, TfR, sTfR, p90, TfR1, Trfr, which belongs to the peptidase M28 family and M28B subfamily. CD71 /TFR contains one PA (protease associated) domain. CD71 / TfR1 is required for iron delivery from transferrin to cells. CD71 is a potential new target in cases of human leukomia & lymphoma. CD71 /TFRC / TfR has been shown to interact with GABARAP and HFE.


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