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CLEC3B Molecule  

CLEC3B / Tetranectin Molecule Synonym Name


CLEC3B / Tetranectin Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
CLB-H5226HumanHuman CLEC3B / Tetranectin Protein, low endotoxin

CLEC3B / Tetranectin Molecule Background

C-type lectin domain family 3 member B (CLEC3B) is also known as Tetranectin, Plasminogen kringle 4-binding protein, is a secreted homotrimer. CLEC3B contains 1 C-type lectin domain and mainly found in plasma. Tetranectin / CLEC3B binds to plasminogen and to isolated kringle 4. CLEC3B may be involved in the packaging of molecules destined for exocytosis. Decreased plasma Tetranectin or increased Tetranectin in stroma of cancers correlates with cancer progression and adverse prognosis.