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KLK1 Molecule  

Kallikrein 1 Molecule Synonym Name


Kallikrein 1 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
KL1-H5223HumanHuman Kallikrein 1 / KLK-1 Protein

Kallikrein 1 Molecule Background

Kallikrein-1 (KLK1) belongs to the peptidase S1 family and Kallikrein subfamily. KLK1 contains one peptidase S1 domain. KLK-1 preferential cleavage of Arg-|-Xaa bonds in small molecule substrates and also has highly selective action to release kallidin (lysyl-bradykinin) from kininogen involves hydrolysis of Met-|-Xaa or Leu-|-Xaa. Glandular kallikreins cleave Met-Lys and Arg-Ser bonds in kininogen to release Lys-bradykinin.


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