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RTN4R / NOGOR Molecule  

RTN4R / NOGOR Molecule Synonym Name


RTN4R / NOGOR Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
RTR-H5222 Human Human RTN4R /NOGOR /NGR Protein

RTN4R / NOGOR Molecule Background

Reticulon-4 receptor (RTN4R) is also known as Nogo receptor (NgR), Nogo-66 receptor (NOGOR), which is a homomultimer protein, belongs to the Nogo receptor family. RTN4R contains eight LRR (leucine-rich) repeats, one LRRCT domain and one LRRNT domain. RTN4R is widespread in the brain but highest levels in the gray matter. RTN4R is receptor for RTN4, OMG and MAG. RTN4R mediates axonal growth inhibition and may play a role in regulating axonal regeneration and plasticity in the adult central nervous system. RTN4R acts in conjunction with RTN4 and LIGO1 in regulating neuronal precursor cell motility during cortical development.