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CTSD Molecule  

Cathepsin D Molecule Synonym Name

CTSD,Cathepsin D,CPSD,CLN10

Cathepsin D Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
CTD-H5226 Human Human Cathepsin D / CTSD Protein

Cathepsin D Molecule Background

Cathepsin D is also known as CTSD, CPSD, which belongs to the peptidase A1 family. Cathepsin D can be cleaved into the following 2 chains: cathepsin D light chain and cathepsin D heavy chain, which is expressed in the aorta extrcellular space (at protein level). The catalytic activity of Cathepsin D is specificity similar to, but narrower than, that of pepsin A. Cathepsin D does not cleave the 4-Gln-|-His-5 bond in B chain of insulin. Cathepsin D involved in the pathogenesis of several diseases such as breast cancer and possibly Alzheimer disease.


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