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CA4 Molecule  

CA4 Molecule Synonym Name

CA4,Carbonic anhydrase 4

CA4 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
CA4-H5223HumanHuman Carbonic Anhydrase IV / CA4 Protein

CA4 Molecule Background

Carbonic anhydrase 4 (CA4) is also known as Carbonate dehydratase IV, Carbonic anhydrase IV, which belongs to the alpha-carbonic anhydrase family. CA4 may stimulate the sodium/bicarbonate transporter activity of SLC4A4 that acts in pH homeostasis. It is essential for acid overload removal from the retina and retina epithelium, and acid release in the choriocapillaris in the choroid. The enzyme regulation is activated by histamine, L-adrenaline, D-phenylalanine, L- and D-histidine. CA4 can interacts with SLC4A4.


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