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CLEC10A Molecule  

CLEC10A / CD301 Molecule Synonym Name


CLEC10A / CD301 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
CLA-H526xHumanHuman CLEC10A / CD301 Protein, Fc Tag

CLEC10A / CD301 Molecule Background

C-type lectin domain family 10 member A (CLEC10A) is also known as C-type lectin superfamily member 14 (CLECSF14), Macrophage lectin 2, CD antigen CD301. CLEC10A / CD301 is a unique calcium-type (C-type) lectin, which expressed on Dendritic cells (DCs). CLEC10A / CD301 probable role in regulating adaptive and innate immune responses. CLEC10A / CD301 binds in a calcium-dependent manner to terminal galactose and N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc), linked to serine or threonine. There are two homologues in mice: MGL1 and MGL2 (CD301a and CD301b).