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Neuraminidase (NA) Molecule Synonym Name


Neuraminidase (NA) Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
H54-V5247InfluenzaRecombinant Influenza A [A/Thailand/1(KAN-1)/2004 (H5N1)] Neuraminidase (NA)

Neuraminidase (NA) Molecule Background

Neuraminidase (NA) and hemagglutinin (HA) are major membrane glycoproteins found on the surface of influenza virus. Hemagglutinin binds to the sialic acid-containing receptors on the surface of host cells during initial infection and at the end of an infectious cycle. Neuraminidase, on the other hand, cleaves the HA-sialic acid bondage from the newly formed virions and the host cell receptors during budding. Neuraminidase thus is described as a receptor-destroying enzyme which facilitates virus release and efficient spread of the progeny virus from cell to cell.


  • (1) Manz B., et al., 2012, Submitted to the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ databases.

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