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KIR2DL3 Molecule  

KIR2DL3 / CD158b2 Molecule Synonym Name


KIR2DL3 / CD158b2 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
KI3-H5226HumanHuman KIR2DL3 / CD158b2 Protein
KI3-H5257HumanHuman KIR2DL3 / CD158b2 Protein, Fc Tag

KIR2DL3 / CD158b2 Molecule Background

Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor 2DL3 (KIR2DL3) is also known as CD158 antigen-like family member B2, KIR-023GB, Killer inhibitory receptor cl 2-3, MHC class I NK cell receptor, NKAT2a, NKAT2b, Natural killer-associated transcript 2, p58 natural killer cell receptor clone CL-6, p58.2 MHC class-I-specific NK receptor, CD158b2 and KIR2DL3, which is a single-pass type I membrane protein and belongs to the immunoglobulin superfamily.KIR2DL3 is a receptor on natural killer (NK) cells for HLA-C alleles (HLA-Cw1, HLA-Cw3 and HLA-Cw7). KIR2DL3 can inhibit the activity of NK cells thus preventing cell lysis.