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293 Expression MAXTM-1 is a proprietary, animal origin-free formulation for the transient expression of gene in HEK293 cells that can dramatically increase volumetric productivity of target proteins. 293 Expression MAXTM-1 is compatible with all of existed commercial available transfection reagents and systems including Free Style MAX, Lipofection 2000, 293 fectin, Fugene HD as well as some popular transfection reagents including PEI, Calcium Phosphate and etc.

293 Expression MAXTM-1 is specifically formulated for use with:

  • Serum free adapted suspension HEK 293 transient expression
  • Adherent HEK 293 transient expression (both serum contained and serum free)
  • 293T and 293EBNA based transient expression (both serum contained and serum free, or adherent and suspension culture)

Proprietary components in PBS buffer, pH 8.0. Sterile for cell culture use.

  • Liquid solution and stable in -20ºC for 1 year
  • Frequent freeze-thaw cycle should be avoid
  • Aliquot the reagent into smaller quantities for optimal storage is recommended.
Usage Protocol
  • Add appropriate volume of 293 Expression MAXTM-1 to solutions of plasmid containing your target gene before transfection reagent addition.
  • Mixing for 10 second by vortex.
  • Normally, dosage of 40uL 293 Expression MAXTM-1 per 100ug plasmid is recommended for transient expression, however, it can be optimized to specific to your experiment from 5uL to 50uL per 100ug plasmid to get optimal result.

Case Study:

Comparision Result for Human IgG1 Fc TGE with or without 293 Expression MAX-1 Enhancer:

293 Expression MAXTM-1 Example  

Serum free adapted HEK293 cell line was employed in transient expression experiment. Compared with the transfection without 293 Expression MAXTM-1, the expression titer of human IgG1 Fc protein was over tripled fold increased when the 293 Expression MAXTM-1 reagent was applied(40uL reagent per 100 ug TGE plasmid).

The whole process is in animal origin free and chemically defined cell culture medium, without adding any growth factor or hydrolysate supplementation.

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