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BPfectin Transfection Reagent is a specially designed and synthesized cationic polymer formulation which offers extremely high transfection efficiencies of 293 suspension cells in serum-free CD 293 TGE Medium. It is available separately or as part of the Power 293 Expression System.

BPfectin Transfection Reagent can be used as transfection reagent for DNA delivery to different cell lines including HEK293, CHO-K1, 3T3, A549 and Hela cells. The proprietary formulation of the transfection reagent enable ultra-low cytotoxicity to cells post transfection and compatible with serum. It is suitable for academic research, stable transfection and transient expression production. Detailed transfection protocols on your application may vary and needs to be developed.

Product Features:
  • Support high efficient transfection of mammalian cells in suspension and adherent culture
  • Ultra low cytotoxicity versus competitive alternatives and conventional cationic polymers
  • Scalable from culture plate to large scale stirred bioreactor
  • Ultra stable and long shell life
  • Chemically define and regulatory friendly
Product Classification Cell Type Regulatory Statement Shelf Life
Chemically Defined, Animal Origin-Free Established Cell Lines For Research Use Only 12 months
Catalog # Name of Product Product Size Storage Shipping
TF-1157-1.5mL BPfectin Transfection Reagent 1.5mL at -20℃ 2-8℃
TF-1157-15mL BPfectin Transfection Reagent 15mL at -20℃ 2-8℃
Usage Protocol

Table 1:Ratio for transfection complexes formation

Plasmid for Transfection 293 Expression MAX-1 BPfectin 293 Culture
10μg 4μL 30μL 10 million cells
  • Before transfection, passage 293 cells in CD 293 TGE medium for at least 3 passages from adaptation procedure or cell bank vial at seeding density greater than 0.3 million cells per mL. Shaker at 150rpm to 180 rpm depending on your orbit shaker design and single cell distribution status.
  • Seed 293 cells at 0.5 million cells per mL in pre-warmed fresh medium, grow the cells to 1.5 to 2.2 million cells per mL and dilute the culture with fresh medium to 0.8 to 1.0 million cells per mL depending on whether the cells can grow to density greater than 1.5 million per mL by next day.
  • Grow the cells for 24 hours or less to 1.5 to 2 million cells per mL(NOT greater than 2.0 million cells) and perform transfection.
  • Use150mM NaCl sterile solution to dilute DNA plasmid and add 293 expression MAX-1 according separate manual add BPfectin at ration of 3uL:1ug(BPfectin:DNA) drop wise to DNA solution and vertex for 3 min; drop-DNA dosage for transfection is 1ug per 1 million cells in culture, and volume of DNA-BPfectin complexes is 5% of culture to be transfected.
  • Incubate the complexes at RT for 10min before transfection.
  • Add DNA transfection complexes drop-wise to cells at 5% volume ratio (e.g. 500μl to 10mL culture).
  • 24 hours post transfection, add Feed X to culture at 10% volume ratio (e.g. 1mL to 10mL culture).
  • Harvest for purification typically on 7 days post transfection or when cell viability drop below 55%.
Transfection Procedure:
  BPfectin Transfection Reagent  
Recommended Products:
Catalog # Product Name Product Size Discription
CF-1156-11 CD 293 TGE Medium 1000mL Serum free medium for transient transfection
CF-1114 Feed X Supplement 500mL Supplement for transient expression process
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