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thrombin / F2 Molecule  

Thrombin Molecule Synonym Name

thrombin,Coagulation factor II

Thrombin Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
THN-H52H0HumanHuman Coagulation Factor II / Thrombin Protein

Thrombin Molecule Background

Prothrombin is also known as coagulation factor II (F2),which can be cleaved into the following 4 chains: activation peptide fragment 1, activation peptide fragment 2, thrombin light chain and thrombin heavy chain. Coagulation factor II (F2) is able to form a heterodimer with SERPINA5. The mutations of F2 gene can result in a very rare blood coagulation disorder characterized by mucocutaneous bleeding symptoms. Furthermore, thrombin converts fibrinogen to fibrin and activates factors V, VII, VIII, XIII, and, in complex with thrombomodulin, protein C. Coagulation factor II (F2) can also play an important role in blood homeostasis, inflammation and wound healing.