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Growth Hormone (GH) Molecule Synonym Name

Growth Hormone,GH,GH1,Somatotropin,GH-N

Growth Hormone (GH) Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
GH1-H4117HumanHuman Growth Hormone (GH) Protein, Tag Free

Growth Hormone (GH) Molecule Background

Growth hormone (GH or GH-N) is also known as Somatotropin, Pituitary growth hormone. GH belongs to the somatotropin/prolactin family. Growth hormone (GH) may form monomer, dimer, trimer, tetramer and pentamer, by disulfide-linked or non-covalently associated, in homopolymeric and heteropolymeric combinations. GH can also form a complex either with GHBP or with the alpha2-macroglobulin complex. Growth hormone (GH) plays an important role in growth control. Its major role in stimulating body growth is to stimulate the liver and other tissues to secrete IGF-1. It stimulates both the differentiation and proliferation of myoblasts. It also stimulates amino acid uptake and protein synthesis in muscle and other tissues.


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