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LILRB3 / CD85a Molecule Synonym Name


LILRB3 / CD85a Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
CDA-H82F6 Human Biotinylated Human LILRB3 / CD85a / ILT5 Protein, Fc Tag, Avi Tag (Avitag™)
CDA-H52H9 Human Human LILRB3 / CD85a / ILT5 Protein, His tag
CDA-H5250 Human Human LILRB3 / CD85a / ILT5 Protein, Fc Tag

LILRB3 / CD85a Molecule Background

Leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor subfamily B member 3 is also known as LILRB3,ILT-5 or CD85a. LILRB3 plays an role as receptor for class I MHC antigens, which activated upon coligation of LILRB3 and immune receptors, such as FCGR2B and the B-cell receptor. LILRB3 and LILRA6 represent a pair of inhibitory/activating receptors with identical extracellular domains and unknown ligands. LILRB3 can mediate inhibitory signaling via immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibition motifs in its cytoplasmic tail whereas LILRA6 can signal through association with an activating adaptor molecule, FcRγ.



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