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Correlia's immunoassay tools

Correlia's immunoassay tools use a proprietary gel technology to accelerate the molecular interactions that are fundamental to measuring proteins.

  1. Fast assays complete as fast as 15min

  2. Microscale Data from as little as 1ul of starting sample volume

  3. Automated Simple “walk-away, sample in/data out” operation, with minimal user intervention

  4. Multiplexed Up to 10 targets measured per sample

  5. Broad Dynamic Range 5 orders of magnitude

Correlia applies advancements in materials science, electrical engineering and biochemistry to accelerate molecular interactions. They have combined a nanomaterial with a biomolecular “circuit” to eliminate the slow diffusive steps which limit the efficiency of traditional immunoassays. Users can obtain more protein biomarker data for applications in drug development, life sciences, and beyond. A typical 1-4 hour sample incubation step on an ELISA would require only 2-4 minutes on Correlia’s platform.

First commercial instrument will launch in late 2020. Beta version is available now. To learn more.

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