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We offer an extensive product line of high-flow agarose based chromatography media and resins for fast and convenient purification of antibody and fragments of various species and subclasses from different sources, including recombinant protein A, protein G or protein L as affinity ligands.

Protein A, Protein G, and Protein L are native and recombinant proteins of microbial origin that bind to mammalian immunoglobulin molecules.The high chemical stability of these proteins makes them ideal choices as affinity chromatography ligands for repeated binding-elution and cleaning cycles.

Coupling these ligands with a high-flow agarose matrix gives our MabAffinity and FabAffinity separation toolboxes the power to do one-step antibody and antibody fragment purification at a very high yield.

Compared with cyanogen bromide activation, or other traditional multi-point attachment chemistries, our enhanced alkaline-stable and oriented coupling chemistry with long hydrophilic spacer arm not only extend greatly the pH range both for working and CIP with much better life time and less leakage, but also increase the exposure of coupled ligand to target with higher capacity for less steric hindrance .

Media Selection Guide for Antibody purification

Protein A, Protein G, and Protein L, widely known as immunoglobulin binding proteins, are extensively used for antibody purification. Though they bind almost exclusively with the IgG class of antibodies, the binding properties differ among different species and subclasses of IgG. This binding specificity (summarized below) can be used as a separation technique for successful antibody purification.

Media Selection Guide for Antibody fragment purification

Antibody fragments are gaining attention as potential pharmaceuticals because of their advantages over monoclonal antibodies (MAbs): improved pharmacokinetics for tissue penetration and binding to conventionally inaccessible antigen-binding sites.

Guide to affinity media for antibody fragments purification

Antibody fragment Fab ScFv Antibody
Chain Subtype Kappa light chain  Kappa light chain Kappa light chain VH3 heavy chain
Recommended products  Protein L or KBP or Protein G Protein L Protein L Protein A
Binding site VL-kappa or CL-kappa or CH1 VL-kappa VL-kappa VH3

Our innovative MabAffinity and FabAffinity platforms allow cost-effective and time-efficient antibody and antibody fragment purification. For more information, please select one of our products below:

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Cat No Product Description Size/ Price
MA-0422-C5 MabAffinity rProtein A Prepacked Column 5ml 5ml ($290)
MA-0422-02 MabAffinity rProtein A High Flow Beads 25ml ($635)
MA-0422-03 MabAffinity rProtein A High Flow Beads 100ml ($1200)
MG-0422-C5 MabAffinity Protein G Prepacked Column 5ml 5ml ($350)
MG-0422-02 MabAffinity Protein G High Flow Beads 25ml ($900)
MG-0422-03 MabAffinity Protein G High Flow Beads 100ml ($1500)
ML-0422-C5 MabAffinity Protein L Prepacked Column 5ml 5ml ($395)
ML-0422-01 MabAffinity Protein L High Flow Beads 5ml ($390)
ML-0422-02 MabAffinity Protein L High Flow Beads 25ml ($1400)
ML-0422-03 MabAffinity Protein L High Flow Beads 100ml ($2900)
FK-0422-C1 FabAffinity KBP Prepacked Column 1ml 1ml ($220)
FK-0422-C5 FabAffinity KBP Prepacked Column 5ml 5ml ($650)
FK-0422-01 FabAffinity KBP High Flow Beads 5ml ($550)

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