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Recombinant Proteins for Biopharma Industry in ACROBiosystems
Release time: 2020-10-13 Source: ACROBiosystems Read: 371

Pharmaceutical companies produce medical products and therapeutics designed to maintain personal health, manage or protect people from disease, prevent infection, and to treat a wide range of illnesses. The scope of the pharma industry is clearly enormous. It is, therefore, easier to segment the market to better understand specific niches; the biopharma industry, for example.

What is the Biopharma Industry?

Biopharma is distinguished by its production methods. A basic definition describes any biopharmaceutical product as a drug synthesized from a biological source, such as antibodies, reproductive cells, whole blood, or recombinant DNA. These form the basis of some of the most sophisticated drug products available from gene therapies to vaccines.

The elegance and success of modern treatments based on biological sources have fuelled dramatic growth in the biopharma industry, to the tune of a $163 billion global valuation. That accounts for approximately 20% of the entire pharmaceutical market. But that figure encompasses significant costs too.

ACROBiosystems is poised to assist biopharma companies to manage supply and workflow costs with a range of critical reagents designed specifically for targeted therapeutics. Among these is a quality-assured range of recombinant proteins suitable for streamlining your drug development chain.

Recombinant Proteins for Biopharma Industries

Immune Checkpoint Proteins

The human immune system is regulated by pathways known as immune checkpoints which are important for self-tolerance; preventing self-harming immunological responses. Enormous interest has been paid to recombinant immune checkpoint recently due to their potential use in cancer immunotherapy.

ACROBiosystems offers an exclusive immune checkpoint protein collection for the biopharma industry, including Fc-tagged, His-tagged, mouse Fc-tagged, Strep-tagged, and/or tag-free proteins.

Targets of CAR T-Cell Therapy

Cancer treatment is a complex and dynamic process comprising various forms of therapy. A promising candidate among these is adoptive cell transfer, or CAR T-cell therapy; a specialist type of immunotherapy where T cells derived from a patient’s whole blood are modified in vivo to promote greater anti-cancer responses.

At ACROBiosystems, we are actively involved in the development of fluorescent-labelled target antigens and pre-biotinylated proteins which can help experts in the biopharma industry evaluate CAR expressions.

Biotinylated Proteins

Despite the strong binding affinity between biotin and avidin/streptavidin (SA), alongside the high specificity of such compounds, producing quality biotinylated proteins is challenging. Quality assurance and control concerns are so severe that very few biochemistry labs can reliably produce biotin-labelled proteins with the consistency and quality required for the biopharma industry.

ACROBiosystems aims to provide for this niche in the market with a proprietary range of pre-labelled and validated biotinylated compounds based on quality-assured recombinant proteins. Our MABSOL® line comprises over a hundred common biomarker proteins and drug targets.  


Biologics are complex, costly drug products derived from living organisms. But – as with most of the systems included on this list – they are costly to manufacture, thus expensive for the end-user. In a bid to drive down the cost of healthcare, many in the biopharma industry are exploring new avenues of research with biosimilars, which are described as products that are highly similar to existing biologics. At ACROBiosystems, we are engaged in extensive research and development of novel recombinant proteins for enhanced binding between biosimilars and target antigens.

ACROBiosystems is one of the world’s leading developers of recombinant proteins and reagents for the biopharma industry. If you would like to sample any of the systems on this list or wish to purchase proteins in varying quantities, just contact a member of the team today.

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