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ErbB3 / Her3 Molecule Synonym Name


ErbB3 / Her3 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
ER3-H5223 Human Human ErbB3 / Her3 Protein
ER3-H5259 Human Human ErbB3 / Her3 Protein, Fc Tag
ER3-H5288 Human Human ErbB3 / Her3 Protein, Strep Tag
ER3-H8223 Human Biotinylated Human ErbB3 / Her3, ultra sensitivity (primary amine labeling)

ErbB3 / Her3 Molecule Background

ErbB3,also known as Her3 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 3), is a member of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) family of receptor tyrosine kinases. This membrane-bound glycoprotein has a neuregulin binding domain but has not an active kinase domain. It therefore can bind the ligand but cannot mediate the intracellular signal transduction through protein phosphorylation. However, it does form heterodimers with ErbB2 or other EGFR members responsible for tyrosine phosphorylation to give a receptor complex and initiate the related pathway, which lead to cell proliferation or differentiation. Overexpression of this protein has been reported in numerous cancers, including prostate, bladder, and breast tumors. This protein has different isoforms derived from alternative splicing variants, and among which, the secreted isoform lacking the intermembrane region modulates the activity of membrane-bound form.


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