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FOLR1 Molecule Synonym Name


FOLR1 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
FO1-H5229 Human Human FOLR1 Protein, His Tag
FO1-H528b Human Human FOLR1 Protein, Strep Tag
FO1-M5225 Mouse Mouse FOLR1 Protein
FO1-M82E9 Mouse Biotinylated Mouse FOLR1 Protein, Avi Tag (Avitag™)
FO1-C52H8 Cynomolgus Cynomolgus / Rhesus macaque FOLR1 Protein, His Tag

FOLR1 Molecule Background

Folate Receptor 1 (FOLR1) is also known as Folate receptor alpha, Folate Binding Protein (FBP), FOLR, and is a member of the folate receptor (FOLR) family. Members of this gene family have a high affinity for folic acid and for several reduced folic acid derivatives, and mediate delivery of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate to the interior of cells. Mature FOLR1 is an N-glycosylated protein that is anchored to the cell surface by a GPI linkage. FOLR1 is predominantly expressed on epithelial cells and is dramatically upregulated on many carcinomas. FOLR1 is internalized to the endosomal system where it dissociates from its ligand before recycling to the cell surface. A soluble form of FOLR1 can be proteolytically shed from the cell surface into the serum and breast milk. Defects in FOLR1 are the cause of neurodegeneration due to cerebral folate transport deficiency (NCFTD). NCFTD is an autosomal recessive disorder resulting from brain-specific folate deficiency early in life.





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