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Celebrate ACROBiosystems’ 12th Anniversary

It has been a fulfilling journey with you for the past 12 years. You have made us to where we are today. YOU are the reason why we are celebrating! To show our gratitude & to celebrate this special occasion together, we officially launched the "Love Exchange” Campaign. Connect with us and show us your love! In return, you will receive a gift from us.
Pocket photo printer, Amazon gift card, llama plush, and there's more!

Promotion was over

There are two activities included in the campaign:
  1. 1. Share Photos of your Exclusive Memories with ACRO

    2. Free gift for Qualified Orders.

    You can participate one or both. Find more details for “Love Exchange” campaign guide below.

Activity 1: Share Photos of your Exclusive Memories of ACRO

Campaign period: July 22, 2022 - August 5, 2022

How to participate:

Step 1: Take a picture of any item with ‘ACRO elements’ and post it on your social media (LinkedIN/Twitter) and make sure to @ACROBiosystems!

*Items with ACRO elements can be any of the following items (including but not limited to) ACRO packaging box / vial / past gifts you received from ACRO / photo with ACRO team members, etc.

Step 2: Fill out our form and upload a picture or screenshot of your social media post.

Promotion was over

After we collect all photos, we will pick the following Awards:

1. Best Creativity Award (3 people): Pocket Photo Printer – Record your own beautiful moments anytime

2. Love Yourself Award (5 people): $50 Amazon card – reward yourself with anything

3. Accompany Growth Award (50 people): Custom USB flash drive with ACRO learning materials (including industry analysis, antibody drugs, CAR-T, ADC, IVD, vaccines, membrane proteins, etc.) - Grow with us at ACRO

4. Participation Prize (150 people): Lab Quotes Stickers X 6+ Notebook X 1+ Pen X 1– ACRO is always here for you

#1 #2 and #3 Awards will be selected based on your social media post, feel free to write down your special memories with ACRO to increase the chance to win! Besides, a heart-warming post will make our day!

*Due to uncontrollable factors such as shipping restrictions, if the gifts cannot be shipped to your country, we will contact you by email and replace it with another gift of equal value!

Activity 2: Redeem an ACRO branded llama plush (random color) or $30 Amazon gift card with us for any single order over $1500 (Limited time applies)

Campaign period: July 22, 2022 - August 22, 2022

How to participate:

Step 1: Place any single order of $1500 or greater

Step 2:Fill out the form to provide proof of order (PO# or screenshot)

Promotion was over


1. Only ACROBiosystems’ end users are eligible to participate (no distributors);

2. Any duplicate entries will be treated as a single entry (one customer, one participant policy applies);

3. The actual payment for the single order must be greater than or equal to $1500;

4. Gifts will be provided after the payment is completed. Order proof (PO# or screenshot) is required to receive the gift. If there is an overdue unpaid order, the overdue payment must be settled before participating in the campaign;

5. Gift collection period: 3 months (August 22, 2022-November 22, 2022). If the payment is not completed within the time limit, or the information provided is incorrect, it will be regarded as an automatic waiver of the gift qualification.


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