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Working to accelerate biological research, disease diagnosis, and drug discovery together

Starting from recombinant proteins, antibody, and test kits, ACROBiosystems aims to create an ecosystem of life sciences tools, reagents, and instruments. We partner with research institutions and startups to commercialize novel technologies that may be ready for use today or up to 3-5 years of development. We give our partners a global access to our current customer base of over 8000 pharmaceuticals, CRO/CDMO, research institutions, and hospitals across 70 countries.

Focus Areas
Technology Platforms

Recombinant Protein Expression Technology

Increase membrane protein manufacturing capacity

New expression system or optimize existing expression systems

mRNA vaccine synthesis related enzymes

Antibody Synthesis Technology

High-performance critical reagents (with high market demand)

Antibody expression plasmid library

Highspeed expression of antibody on CHO cell clone

CHO expression through large-scale transient expression

Cell membrane arrays

High Throughput Screening and Engineering Technology

In protein/enzyme modification or protein directed evolution

Surface display

Cell free protein synthesis (prokaryotic and karyotic)

Lab-based multiplex assay

Improved stable cell line production

Bioprocess-related Technologies



Gene therapy CMC

Cell culture medium

Quality tests

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Technology Platforms

Main Diseases Areas


CNS and neuron degenerative disease

Autoimmune, Inflammation

Infectiousus disease, diabetes, cardiology

Cell Therapy

Stemcells:hiPSC (Pluripotent), hMSC (Mysenchymal), hESC (Embryo), hTSC (Trophoblast)

Reprogramming, differentiation and culturing

Advances in scale-up manufacturing

QC and process control

Cell free Therapies, e.g. CargoCyte (Cytonus), Exosome

Gene Therapy

Improvements in viral vectors, AAV, LV etc.

Non-viral delivery systems

Lipid chemistry based nanoparticles and delivery formulation

Other delivery systems, e.g. Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA); peptide-RNA polyplex (Altamira); MiniStringDNA (MediPhage)

3D bio-printing

Targeted tissue/cell delivery

Controlled dosage, inducible gene expression

Next generation gene editing/CRISPER system

CNS and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Viral vectors and tracers

Screening and diagnostics

Multiomic profiling

Novel disease models like brain organoid and organ on chip

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Technology Platforms


Protein and antibody design and development for improved properties

AI enzyme engineering

Drug and therapeutic development through omics data, in-silica cell functioning analysis, experiment models and real world data

Synthetic biology for micro-organism engineering

Innovative Molecular Diagnostics

Clinical applicable assay performance (precision & accuracy, sensitivity in liquid biopsy)

Small sample size and higher throughput (multiplex analysis) are always favorable

Genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolite analysis and data mining:

Genomic, epigenetic analysis

Transcriptomic, preserve RNA quality

Proteomic, PTM analysis for protein activation status, preserves PTM

Automation system

POCT potential

Early detection

Emerging Areas

IEx-vivo drug evaluation models:

Functioning tissues/organoid, PDx or stem cell derived


3D bio-printing

Peptide drugs:

Special scale-up manufacturing


Diagnostic, biomarker analysis, isolation and purification

Engineered for tissue targeting and cargo delivery of modalities such as small molecules, protein, and RNA

Partnering Models

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