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Free sample request of resDNA detection assay

Thanks for your inquiry. Please allow 24-48 hours for us to process your request.

Please select the sample protein product you would like to try (up to 1 product can be selected)

  •   OPA-O001    Trace DNA extraction Kit (Magnetic Beads)

  •   OPA-O002     E. coli resDNA Quantitative Kit (qPCR)

  •   Both of these two kits

For more information of resDNA detection assay, please feel free to click here and contact us.

Please fill in the following information

Do you need any other kit for resDNA detection?

Which brand of resDNA kits are you used before?

What is your requirement for the sensitivity of resDNA assay?

Will you use automatic nucleic acid purification system?

Contact Information


Terms & Conditions

  • 1. The samples are limited and will be given by first come first served policy. End users only.

  • 2. Customers from the same group of one company can apply only once. Please don't submit the form multiple times.

  • 3. The feedback on the trial is needed in one month after receiving the samples.

  • 4. Delivery Fee: The delivery fee will be waived for destinations in domestic United States. For the destinations outside U.S., please check our shipping cost policy. However, the cost can be waived if your courier account is provided (preferentially FedEx).

  • 5. ACROBiosystems reserve all rights for final explanation.

  • Thank you for your understanding.

  • Contact Us:

  • Tel:+1 800-810-0816 (US & Canada)

  • Email:order@acrobiosystems.com

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