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-- Advanced Human Cell Protein and Antibody Production Platform

ACRObiosystems offers fast and reliable service for your custom protein production. Our newly-developed HEKMax® platform has achieved major technical breakthroughs that make bulk production of high-quality authentic proteins extremely cost-effective. HEKMax® proteins are exclusively produced in HEK293 cells without contamination from serum, protein, or hydrolysate supplement. The key advantages of using HEKMax® platform includes:

HEKMax® Transient Technology
  •   Extremely High Productivity (2-5 fold production over traditional method)
  •   Short Timeline (4-6 weeks)
  •   Cost Effective (usually $2.5/ug)
  •   Minimal Lot-to-Lot Variation
  •   High Throughput and Flexibility

Key Elements Integrated in HEKMax® Technology Platform

  • In-house developed codon optimization tool to improve translational efficiency
  • Proprietary expression vectors specialized for transient expression in HEK293 cells
  • Selected HEK293 cell line with low background and optimal metabolic profile
  • Serum free, animal free, and chemically defined cell culture medium for high density cell culture
  • Novel technologies for efficient tag-free protein separation
  • Highly flexible system solution for simultaneous production of 40+ proteins at 100 mg scale or 5 proteins at gram scale
Figure 1. Extremely high cell density and Mab titer achieved by HEKMax® transient expression technologies (488mg/L)
Protein Human Biomarker Protein A Human Cytokine Protein B Human Protein C Mouse Protein D Mouse Protein E HIV-1 Viral Protein F
With HEKMax® Technology 12.1mg/L 33.7mg/L 48.0mg/L 103.5mg/L 6.2mg/L 35.2mg/L
Reported 2-4mg/L 4-6mg/L 5-7mg/L N/A 1-2mg/L 5-10mg/L

Tabe 1. Comparison of protein production by HEKMax® technology and other methods.

HEKMax® Stable Cell line Technology

ACROBiosystems offers bulk protein production (multi gram scale) service for your preclinical and clinical research. With the help of our innovative HEKMax® Stable Cell Line Technology, we can establish stable HEK293 cell lines expressing your protein of interest within 3-4 months. Following that, we will scale up production to meet your quantity requirement. We guarantee that the entire production process is absolutely animal-free.

Figure 2. HEKMax® stable cell line expression enable grams level production in 4-5 months

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