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BPM CDPro 293-1 Medium is specifically designed and optimized for recombinant 293 cells (293F, 293 E1, 293T, 293A, 293FT, HEK293) for high density of suspension culture. CDPro 293-1 medium is suitable for cell culture process of pilot and commercial scale production of protein and adenovirus, influenza virus or viral vectors. CDPro 293-1 is an animal origin-free, chemically defined medium that contains no proteins, polypeptides, hydrolysates, or components of unknown composition. This medium also supports PER.C6® cell growth, infection of virus and further production.

Product Features:
  • Designed for suspension  culture of 293 cells
  • For application of protein expression and virus production in 293 cells
  • Low osmolality characteristics facilitate fed batch process development and optimization
  • Protein free, animal component free, chemically define and regulatory friendly
  • Extensive support by cell culture expert
Concentrated Cell Line Form Serum Endotoxin Glutamine Culture Type Phenol Red
1X 293 Powder Serum Free Low No Suspension Culture No
Product Classification Buffer system Regulatory Statement Shelf Life
Protein-Free, Chemically Defined;Serum-Free,   Animal Origin-Free Sodium Bicarbonate  For Research and Further Cell Culture Manufacturing Use Only 24 months
Catalog # Name of Product Product Size Storage Shipping
CM-1231-11 CDPro 293-1 Medium 10L at +2-8℃, in dark RT
CM-1231-12 CDPro 293-1 Medium 50L at +2-8℃, in dark RT
CM-1231-13 CDPro 293-1 Medium 1000L at +2-8℃, in dark RT
  • CDPro 293-1 requires supplementation of  L-glutamine (4 - 6 mM) and sodium bicarbonate (2.3 g/L) for pH adjustment  prior to use.
  • L-glutamine level must be considered in fed batch or perfusion model or your cells are sensitive to ammonia which is more likely generated in presence of  high concentration of glutamine.
  • Formulated without phenol red to avoid estrogen-like effects of phenol red.
Cell Culture Conditions:

Standard cell culture conditions of growing 293 cells in CDPro 293-1 medium are 36 to 38°C in a humidified air of 5-8% CO2. Under aseptic and cultivation conditions, cell culture vessel can be shaker flask, spinner flask and Wave or any other stirred bioreactors. Shaker flask volume can be from 125 mL to 1000 mL with approximate 20% to 30% working volume in suspension, and an orbital shaker platform rotating at 115 to 150 rpm is recommended. Loosen caps of flasks or use with vented caps for gas exchange is required for high density cell growth. Avoid overexposure of cultures to light.

Recommended Products:
Catalog # Product Name Descriptions
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