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SFPro VP-1 Medium is a proprietary, ultra-low protein, serum free medium specifically developed for adherent, suspension culture of Vero, BHK-21 and MDCK cells. SFPro VP-1 medium is suitable for growing virus in cell culture environment from bench top to commercial scale.

SFPro VP-1 is specifically formulated for use with:

  • Adherent cell culture in T-flask, cell factory and cell dishes
  • Suspension culture of BHK-21 cells in large scale
  • Micro- and Macro-carrier based cell culture in spinner flask or bioreactor
Product Features:
  • Support Vero, BHK-21 and MDCK cell culture
  • Ultra-low protein medium
  • Support both adherent and suspension cell culture as well as micro-carrier based process
  • Protein free, animal component free, chemically define and regulatory friendly
  • Extensive support by cell culture expert
Concentrated Cell Line Form Serum Endotoxin Glutamine Culture Type Phenol Red
1X Vero, BHK-21
Liquid Serum Free Low No Adherent / Suspension Yes
Product Classification Buffer system Regulatory Statement Shelf Life
Serum-Free,   Animal Origin-Free Sodium Bicarbonate  For Research and Further Cell Culture Manufacturing Use Only.  18 months
Catalog # Name of Product Product Size Storage Shipping
CM-1151-11 SFPro VP-1, 1X, Liquid 1000mL at +2-8℃, in dark RT
CM-1151-12 SFPro VP-1, 1X, Liquid 6X1000mL at +2-8℃, in dark RT
CM-1151-13 SFPro VP-1, 1X, Liquid 10L at +2-8℃, in dark RT
  • SFPro 293-1 requires supplementation of L-glutamine or Ala-Gln dipeptide prior to use.
  • L-glutamine level must be considered in fed batch or perfusion model or your cells are sensitive to ammonia which is more likely generated in presence of  high concentration of glutamine.
  • Sequential adaptation may need when shift your cells from serum contained process.
Adaptation of Cultures
  • If shift directly from a serum-contained medium to SFPro VP-1, the initial cell seeding density should be 1.5 to 2x that used with serum contained cultures for the first 2-3 passages.
  • Roller Bottle and Micro-carrier Culture: Due to the absence of attachment factors, cell attachment process in SFPro VP-1 is longer than in serum-contained media. The rotational speed of the roller bottles should not exceed 0.25 to 0.30 rpm during the first 24 hours. Conditions of seeding densities and attachment for micro-carrier cultures need to optimized to specific cell line and process.
Recommended Products:
Catalog # Product Name Product Size Storage Shipping
CM-1131-11 CDPro 293-1 Medium 500mL at +2-8℃, in dark RT
CM-1131-12 CDPro 293-1 Medium 1000mL at +2-8℃, in dark RT
CM-1131-13 CDPro 293-1 Medium 10L at +2-8℃, in dark RT

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