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Stable cell line generation is time-consuming and costly work. In order to produce recombinant proteins or monoclonal antibodies using a mammalian cell expression system, sometimes developing a stable cell line based on CHO or NS0 is unavoidable.

ACRObiosystems' provides commercial and research grade CHO (DG44, DUKX-B11, CHO-S, or CHO-K1) cell lines using our proprietary expression vectors, high-throughput cell screening technologies and serum, and animal component free process, all in a significantly reduced time span.

Service Specification


Service Content Approaches  Deliverables Timeline

Gene synthesizing
&Plasmid construction

  • In house developed codon optimization
  • Gene synthesizing and verification (in house)
  • Clone to proprietary mammalian expression vector
  • Gene sequencing report
  • Constructed plasmid
Transient expression evaluation
  • Shake flaks scale transient transfection
  • Elisa based expression level measurement 
  • Expression feasibility
Transfection and clone screening
  • 3 approaches, 3 rounds of clone selection
  • 5 top clones expand to shake flask scale for evaluation
  • 50 PDL stability evaluation upon request (additional time needed)
  • Three top clones
  • Expression stability data
  • Sterility/mycoplasma test
  • Other QC test upon request
Process Development (optional)
  • Multiple in-house developed chemically defined media/feeds platform screening and optimization
  • High throughput purification processes screening via DoE
  • Analytical assay development
  • Milligram to gram purified proteins
  • Process report
Production Service (optional)
  • 10L-50L bioreactor run
  • Chemically defined medium/feeds
  • Process control
  • Purified proteins
  • Process profile
  • Production report and other documentation upon request

Quotations and Ordering

You can place the order on line and make the payment with credit card or Paypal. Also you can place the order off-line by phone, email, and fax with a formal PO (Purchase Order) or credit card. We recommend that you submit your service requests and orders on line. 

For questions and quotation requests, please submit your on-line request. Our customer specialist will get back to you in 24 hours from Monday through Friday. However, you can also contact us by email, phone, or fax.

Email: order@acrobiosystems.com
Phone: +1 800-810-0816(US)   +86 400-685-2052(AP)
Fax: +1 888-377-6111




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