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NSP15 Molecule Synonym Name

NSP15,nsp15,NendoU,Uridylate-specific endoribonuclease

NSP15 Molecule Background

Nonstructural protein 15 (nsp15) encodes an endoribonuclease that is highly conserved among vertebrate nidoviruses (coronaviruses and arteriviruses) and plays a critical role in viral replication and transcription. Nsp15 is an IFN antagonist and it inhibits interferon-β production via an endoribonuclease activity-independent mechanism. Importantly, Nsp8 was found to interact with both monomeric and hexameric Nsp15. The Nsp7/Nsp8 complex displays a higher binding affinity for Nsp15. Furthermore, Nsp8 and the Nsp7/Nsp8 complex also enhance the NendoU activity of hexameric Nsp15 in vitro Taking the findings together.

NSP15 References

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