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IL-2 R gamma

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ILG-H5256 Human Human IL-2 R gamma / CD132 Protein, Fc Tag

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IL-2 R gamma Molecule Background

IL-2R is a heterotrimeric protein binds and responds to the cytokine IL-2. Three distinct chains of IL-2R, termed as ¦Á, ¦Â and ¦Ã, which are non-covalently associated are identified. The ¦Á and ¦Â chains are involved in binding IL-2, while signal transduction following cytokine interaction is carried out by the ¦Ã chain, along with the ¦Â subunit. The ¦Á chain of the IL-2R can bind to the ¦Â chain before receptor interaction with IL-2. The ¦Ã chain alone has a very weak affinity for IL-2, but after the ligand is bound to the ¦Á/¦Â heterodimer, the ¦Ã chain becomes recruited to the complex to form a very stable macromolecular quaternary ligand/receptor complex. Interleukin-2 receptor subunit gamma (IL2RG), also known as cytokine receptor common subunit gamma, CD antigen CD132, gammaC, p64, which belongs to the type I cytokine receptor family or type 5 subfamily. IL2RG is located on the surface of immature blood-forming cells in bone marrow. Defects in IL2RG are the cause of severe combined immunodeficiency X-linked T-cell-negative/B-cell-positive/NK-cell-negative (XSCID).

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