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  1. Free registration for bioSeedin global roadshow! 2 weeks long online matching!

    1. August 10th 2020, 20:00(Beijing time)
    2. Shang Hai
    3. bioSeedin
  2. Background

    In China, the biopharmaceutical industry is booming and is undergoing rapid development and transformation. The independent research and development capabilities of Chinese local companies have been greatly improved, and various innovations have been made in large molecules, small molecules, cell therapy, double antibodies, ADC drugs, gene therapy, etc. Gradually mature, move towards clinical. China has become an indispensable new force in the global biopharmaceutical power, and "innovation-driven" has become the theme of China's biomedicine. The 2020 Biopharmaceutical Developers Conference and the second bioSeedin annual meeting will be held in Shanghai in August this year, creating a "cooperation and transaction" ecosystem of innovative technologies and drugs between China and the global biopharmaceutical industry, allowing global advanced technologies and drugs to enter China, let Chinese high-quality technology and medicine go abroad.


    August 2020, See you in Shanghai!



    10 Forums

    Main forum, TNFSF family targets, CMC, New Drug Discovery, CGT, Globe Roadshow, Global Development, Bispecific Antibody, Investment and Financing

    60 topics

    Feedback from workshops and webinars, to reflect the actual pain points of developers’ daily work.

    100 Professionals

    Major enterprises and well-known experts of domestic biological medicine research and development will share their practical experiences.

    1000 Attendees

    Gather the front-line practitioners of biological medicine development to ensure that we have a common topic of communication.

    8 Global Roadshows

    Roadshow will be held at the same time for United States and domestic projects, making project transfer and transaction possible.

    1 to 1 System

    1 to 1 matching system set up, you can get all the information and connections in one place.


    Register for Conference&Roadshow now!

    You can choose the following three ways to participate in the meeting:

    1. If you are in China:

    Welcome to Shanghai to participate in our offline conference. Meeting time: August 29-30, 2020, meeting location: Sofitel Shanghai Xinhualian

    Conference official websitehttp://bioseedin.com/conference/2020bdic


    2. If you are abroad:

    participate in our online road show docking. Docking time: August 31 to September 15, 2020.

    free registration

    For bd :  https://forms.gle/L9KTf2SKi1j4RAVL7

    For Investor : https://forms.gle/Fyq5jxztpVV5ZGDg9


    3. If you are an enterprise and want to participate in our roadshow:

    Project registration requirements

    1. Therapeutic products: including but not limited to bio-pharmaceutical, small molecular medicines, cell therapy, gene therapy;

    2. Innovative technologies applied in the bio-pharmaceutical field: including but not limited to AI technology, innovative formulation technology, carrier technology, gene editing-technology;

    3. Third-party service projects in the bio-pharmaceutical field.


    Deadline for registration: August 10th 2020, 20:00

    free registration


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