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  1. 2021 mAbTalk symposium: New Horizon of Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC)

    1. May 22, 2021, 8pm US EST / May 23, 8am Beijing
    2. Online
    3. Multiple speakers
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  2. Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) leverages the benefits of the high specificity from monoclonal antibody drugs and the high potency from small-molecule drugs to improve efficiency with reduced side-effects. Up to date, 11 ADC drugs have been approved by US FDA for marketing; 90 ADC drugs are in the clinical stage; and more than 200 are under discovery and preclinical development. Although ADC drugs have achieved impressive clinical outcome, there are still many challenges to overcome, such as toxic side effects, lack of biomarkers for screening patients, and development of drug resistance. Discovery of novel targets, conjugation technologies, and new payload modalities opens a new era of ADC therapeutics development.


    At “New Horizon of Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC)” virtual symposium, speakers from biopharma industry and academia specializing in ADC-based drug development, will share their insights in diverse topics of ADC-based therapeutics, including discovery & new techniques, clinical development strategies, and CMC. Please come to enjoy the cutting-edge science and direct communications with ADC experts in the field.


    Register now: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Ve9RtlXPT0Knd66GwigLsA


    Meet the speakers (partial):




    05/22/2021 8 p.m. EST

    Introduction to Chinese Antibody Society and mAbTalk

    Daotian Fu, PhD, President, RemeGen

    See Abstract

    8:10 p.m. EST

    Next-Generation Antibody-Drug Conjugates

    Christoph Rader, PhD, Associate Dean, The Scripps Research Institute

    See Abstract

    8:40 p.m. EST

    A novel ADC platform and the ADCs generated from the platform in the targeted treatment of cancer

    Yongxin Zhao, PhD, President, DAC Biotech


    9:10 p.m. EST

    Novel Linker Technologies for Generating ADCs for Cancer Therapy

    Kyoji Tsuchikama, PhD, Assistant Professor, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

    No abstract available

    9:40 p.m. EST


    Organizer, The Chinese Antibody Society

    See Abstract

    10:10 p.m. EST

    Advancing ADCs for Transformative Cancer Therapies

    Shan Jiang, PhD, Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Seagen Inc.

    See Abstract

    10:40 p.m. EST

    Challenges in the Clinical Development of Antibody Drug Conjugates

    Min Liu, MD, Chief Medical Officer, TOT Biopharm

    See Abstract

    11:10 p.m. EST

    ADC Product Quality Development and Control

    Xinfang Li, PhD, President, MabPlex

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