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Anti Her2 ELISA Kit

For research use only.
This product is still under development. Please contact us if you have interest in this product. We will accelerate the development process accordingly and reserve this product for you as request.
Materials Provided
TAH005-C01Streptavidin pre-coated Plate 1 plate
TAH005-C02Biotinylated Her2 Protein10 μg
TAH005-C03Human Anti-Her2 antibody10 μg
TAH005-C04HRP-anti-human IgG, Fc antibody10 μg
TAH005-C05Diluent buffer50 mL
  • Background
    Her2 is a member of the human epidermal growth factor receptor family. In recent years, it has become an important biomarker and target of therapy for oncology patients. Although Her2 has been identified as a target of therapy for years and there are a few anti-Her2 therapeutic antibodies on the market, the heat of research regarding this target remains on. ACRO anti Her2 ELISA kit is intended for PK study as well as anti Her2 therapeutic screening.
  • Application
    It is for research use only.
  • Reconstitution
    See Certificate of Analysis for details of reconstitution instruction and specific concentration.
  • Storage

    Upon receipt, please store the lyophilized products at -20℃. After reconstitution, the stock solution should be kept at -70℃. Upon receipt, please store the plate at Room Temperature, and please store the buffer at -20℃.

    Try to avoid more than 3 freeze thaw cycles.

    No activity loss is observed after storage at: Room temperature (RT) for 1 month in lyophilized state; -20℃ for 1 year in lyophilized state; -70℃ for 6 months under sterile conditions after reconstitution.
  • Assay Principles

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