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Anti LAG-3 ELISA Kit

For research use only.
Materials Provided
TAL-K006-C01Streptavidin pre-coated Plate 1plate
TAL-K006-C02Biotinylated LAG-3 Protein15ug
TAL-K006-C03Human Anti-LAG-3 antibody10ug
TAL-K006-C04HRP-anti-human IgG, Fc antibody10ug
TAL-K006-C05Diluent buffer50mL
  • Background
    LAG-3 protein: Inhibitory receptor on antigen activated T-cells. Delivers inhibitory signals upon binding to ligands, such as FGL1. Negatively regulates the proliferation, activation, effector function and homeostasis of both CD8+ and CD4+ T-cells. Also mediates immune tolerance: constitutively expressed on a subset of regulatory T-cells (Tregs) and contributes to their suppressive function. Antibody drugs targeting LAG-3 targets may become important anti-tumor drugs in the future. Our ELISA kit is designed to help the discovery of anti-LAG-3 therapeutic antibody.
  • Application
    It is for research use only.
  • Reconstitution
    See Certificate of Analysis for details of reconstitution instruction and specific concentration.
  • Storage

    Upon receipt, please store the lyophilized products at -20℃. After reconstitution, the stock solution should be kept at -70℃. Upon receipt, please store the plate at Room Temperature, and please store the buffer at -20℃.

    Try to avoid more than 3 freeze thaw cycles.

    No activity loss is observed after storage at: Room temperature (RT) for 1 month in lyophilized state; -20℃ for 1 year in lyophilized state; -70℃ for 6 months under sterile conditions after reconstitution.
  • Assay Principles
    This assay kit employs a standard Indirect-ELISA format, which provides a rapid quantification of Anti-TIGIT antibodies through antigen binding. The Kit includes of Streptavidin pre-coated plate, the Biotinylated LAG-3 protein, a human anti-LAG-3 antibody standard, a secondary HRP-anti-Human IgG, Fc antibody and an assay diluent.

    Your experiment will only have 5 simple steps:

    1. Coat the plate with Biotinylated LAG-3 protein. Block and wash the plate.

    2. Add samples to the plate, and use human anti-LAG-3 antibody as control. Incubate and wash the plate.

    3. Add the diluted secondary HRP-anti-human IgG, Fc antibody to the plate and incubate.

    4. Wash the plate and then add TMB or other colorimetric HRP substrate.

    5. Stop the substrate reaction by adding the diluted acid. Read OD at 450 nm, which reflects the amount of antibody bound.

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