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ELISA Buffer Set-96T

P001High-bind plate1 plate96 well
B001Coating buffer12 mL1 x
B002Washing buffer60 mL10 x
B003Blocking buffer5 mL10 x
B004Substrate solution12 mL1 x
B005Stop solution7 mL1 x
  • Composition

    This ELISA Buffer Set-96T contains a High-bind 96well plate, coating buffer, washing buffer, blocking buffer, substrate solution and stop Solution. The ELISA Buffer Set-96T can be quickly applied to the ELISA experiment and save your time to prepare buffers. This ELISA Buffer Set-96T is sterile-filtered.

  • Application
    Coating buffer: Use coating buffer to dilute the sample you will coat, add 100μL/well to high-bind plate.
    Washing buffer: Dilute the washing buffer to 1x with distilled water before experiment, add 300μL/well for washing the coated plate.
    Blocking buffer: Dilute the blocking buffer to 1x with distilled water before experiment, add 300μL/well for blocking the coated plate. The samples and detection antibodies can be prepared by 1x blocking buffer which should be 4 times dilution.
    Substrate solution: Add 100μL/well to plate.
    Stop solution: Add 50μL/well to plate.
  • Storage
    Store this set at 2-8℃, and protect from light. If precipitation occurs, filter to clarify before use.
    This set is stable after storage at 2-8℃ no less than 3 months upon receipt.

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