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Magnetic beads blocking buffer

  • Assay Principles

    T The protein-based Blocking Buffer can be use in binding Assay of serum sample, to help reducing the background signal, but if you need capture sample to do MS, you need to do some follow-up.
    Application Method:
    a) Dilute your sample with the Blocking Buffer, add the diluted sample to Beads, incubate for 60 minutes at room temperature.
    b) Wash the beads, and separated the beads from your samples afterwards using a magnetic plate.
    c) If you need to detection the binding signal, dilute your detection antibody with the blocking buffer and add to the beads, if you want to dissociate the sample from the beads, add an suitable Regeneration Buffer to the sample bonded beads, and remain the dissociation sample supernatant.

  • Application
    This product is intended for blocking magnetic beads when capturing antibodies in serum which reduce non-specific binding. It is especially useful for assaying autoantibodies in human and animal sera at low dilutions where the likelihood of false positive reactions is greatly increased.

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