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MabAffinity Protein L Prepacked Column

MabAffinity Protein L Agarose High Flow Resin, with rProtein L coupled to high flow Agarose matrix, has been successfully used for a wide range of antibody and antibody fragments capture for its strong affinity to the variable region of antibody kappa light chains. Although it binds to the Fab portion of the immunoglobulin, Protein L does not interfere with the antigen-binding site of the antibody. Therefore, Protein L potentially can be used in immunoprecipitation (IP) procedures. As a good complementary choice for Protein A and Protein G, besides IgG, Protein L has been used for efficient purification of IgM, IgE, IgD, IgA and IgY. MabAffinity Protein L Agarose High Flow Resin also shows great advantages in purification of antibody fragments such as Fabs, single-chain variable fragments (scFv), and domain antibodies (Dabs).
  1. Binding specificities that complement Protein A and G media

  2. Suitable for different applications, including poly or monoclonal antibodies and antibody fragments from different species and subclasses for its broad binding specificity

  3. Purification of monoclonal antibodies from FCS supplemented media without interference of bovine immunoglobulin

  4. Single point attachment coupling chemistry gives better ligand accessibility for higher binding capacity

CompositionHighly cross-linked Agarose
Average particle size90 micron
Form5ml prepacked column
LigandrProtein L
Coupling chemistryEpoxy
Dynamic binding capacity1> 25‐50mg human IgG /5ml prepacked column
Recommended flow rate1‐5ml/min for 5ml prepacked column
Column dimension1.6x2.5 cm for 5ml prepacked column
Maximum Pressure Drop0.3Mpa
Chemical stabilityStable in all aqueous buffers commonly used in protein L chromatography
pH working range2-10
pH CIP range (short term)2-11
CIP stability8M Urea, 10mM NaOH + 1M NaCl, 0.1M acetic acid
Temperature stability12-40oC
Storage20% Ethanol
Shelf life5 years
  1. Delivered at room temperature, and recommended long-term storage at 2-8 °C

MabAffinity Protein L Agarose High Flow Resin belongs to the MabAffinity resins family for capture of antibodies and fragments containing kappa light chains, and is available with different pack sizes for easy purification, process development and scale up. Immunoprecipitation studies with MabAffinity Protein L Agarose High Flow are also commonly used to purify proteins or protein complexes.

For more information and technical questions, Please contact us via TechSupport@acrobiosystems.com.

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