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Diagnostic Biochips Silicon Probe-32 Channels-10 (Acro Certified)

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  • Materials

    Substrate Material: Single crystal silicon
    Site Material: Electroplated pedot

  • Channel Number


  • Product Description
    Shank Length (L): 9 mm
    Shank Number: 2
    Shank Pitch (P): 250 μm
    Shank Thickness: 15 μm
    Recording Site: 11 μm × 15 μm
  • Connector
    Samtec for acute recording, Omnetics 36-Pin for chronic recording.
  • Intended Targets
    Small animals, cortex in NHP and other large animals
  • Available Options
    Optical fiber attach.
  • Notes

    It is critical to avoid fluid carrying organic materials to air dry on the probe surface. It will leave residue covering sensitive recording sites that are impractical to remove once adsorbed.

  • Storage and Shipment

    DBC electrodes are designed to the standard co mmercial electronic operating temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C. We reco mmend that storage and transportation temperatures do not exceed these temperatures for more than brief periods of time.

*To help you get started with in vivo electrophysiology, we provide acute/chronic recording starter kits, please feel free to contact us for inqurues and orders.
*B/C grade training electrodes are also available for this design. Contact us if you need less expensive training electrodes.
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Acro Certify Disclaimer
This product is one of ACROBiosystems' Certify products. ACROBiosystems and our Certify partners have established a close partnership that includes an in-depth review of quality management and quality audits this product. Products from our Certify partners have been qualified by ACROBiosystems to be included under Acro Certify. ACROBiosystems may provide Product information, including technical information, specifications, recommendations, literature, and other material (collectively, "Product Information") for customer's convenience. The accuracy and completeness of Product Information is not guaranteed and is subject to change without notice. ACROBiosystems is not responsible for the intellectual property or impact to intellectual property for products sold under Acro Certify.

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    Available modification option
    If you need electrode modification service, please contact us.

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