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Human TL1A-DR3 inhibition kit (TR-FRET)

For research use only.

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This product is still under development. Please contact us if you have interest in this product. We will accelerate the development process accordingly and reserve this product for you as request.
  • Background
    TNF-like cytokine 1A (TL1A) and its receptors, death receptor 3 (DR3) and decoy receptor 3 (DcR3) are members of the TNF and TNF receptor superfamilies of proteins, respectively. Binding of APC-derived TL1A to lymphocytic DR3 provides co-stimulatory signals for activated lymphocytes. DR3 signaling affects not only the proliferative activity of and cytokine production by effector lymphocytes, but also critically influences the development and suppressive function of regulatory T-cells. Whereas, DcR3 restricts the function of the TL1A/DR3 complex: attenuating T-cell activation and downregulating the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Together with DR3 and DcR3, TL1A constitutes a cytokine system that actively interferes with the regulation of immune responses. The Human TL1A-DR3 Binding Kit (TR-FRET) can detect the binding of TL1A to DR3 in homogeneous system within 0.5-1 hours. it is high sensitive, short detection time and easy to use.
  • Application

    The kit is developed for the binding of TL1A to the DR3.

    It is for research use only.

  • Storage
    1. Unopened kit should be stored at -20℃ upon receiving.

    2. Find the expiration date on the outside packaging and do not use reagents past their expiration date.

    3. The opened kit should be stored per components table. The shelf life is 30 days from the date of opening.

    • Background: TL1A-DR3
      The TL1A protein, belongs to the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) family and is a receptor for TNFRSF25 and TNFRSF6B. TL1A is involved in the activation of NF-κB and C-Jun pathways, which can be used as a regulator of mucosal immunity and participate in the immune pathway of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) pathogenesis.
    • Clinical and Translational Updates

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