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CCL6 / C10 Protein Products

Cat No Species Product Description
CC6-M5222MouseMouse CCL6 / C10 Protein

CCL6 / C10 Molecule Background

Chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 6 (CCL6), a member of the CC chemokine family, was initially identified as a transcript that is induced in bone marrow cells upon stimulation with GM?CSF. CCL6 has only been identified in rodents, A?human?homologue?for?mouse?CCL6?has?not?been?identified.??The?mCCL6?cDNA?encodes?a?116?amino?acid?residue?precursor?protein?with?a?hydrophobic?signal?peptide?that?is?cleaved?to?yield?a?95?amino?acid?residue?mature?protein. In mice, CCL6 is expressed in cells from neutrophil and macrophage lineages, where?it?is?strongly?induced?upon?GM?CSF?(Cat. # GMF-H4214) stimulation. Mouse CCL6 expression was also shown to be strongly induced by IL-4 (Cat. # IL4-H4218) in mouse macrophages and by cytokine IL?13 (Cat. # IL3-H4210) in mouse lung. Mouse CCL6 is located on chromosome 11. The cell surface receptor for CCL6 is believed to be the chemokine receptor CCR1.


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