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Therapeutic antibodies have revolutionized the field of targeted therapy by specifically recognizing and binding to tumor biomarkers, thereby enabling precise treatment strateiges. Therapeutic antibody development involves target identification, antibody generation, screening & selection, preclinical studies, clinical trials, regulatory approval, and finally, commercial production. The innovation and significant of therapeutic antibody development lie in the precise targeting, improved efficacy, and expanded therapeutic options for patients. To support the entire journey of therapeutic antibody development, from discovery to market, we provide solutions throughout the entire development workflow. Spanning from discovery and development to clinical applications, we are dedicated to delivering solutions designed to help you drive innovation and push the boundaries of what therapeutic antibodies can be.

Therapeutic Antibody Development Solutions
  • Discovery & Development

    Discovery & DevelopmentTarget selection is a first step in therapeutic antibody discovery.

  • Contract confirmation & project initiation

    CMC - ManufacturingManufacturing therapeutic antibodies is a complex and intricate process.

  • Pilot expression & purification study

    CMC - Quality ControlStrict quality control and adherence to regulations are essential to ensure quality.

  • Feedback, discussion and sample delivery

    Preclinical StudiesIn vivo and in vitro models assist in evaluating toxicity, mechanism of action and safety.

  • Quote for bulk

    Clinical Studies The final hurdle uses human subjects to gather critical data for regulatory approval.

Discovery & Development

Therapeutic Antibody Tools & Solutions

Unlock the potential of Therapeutic Antibody Tools & Solutions by downloading our comprehensive brochure. Explore cutting-edge advancements, innovative technologies, and tailored solutions designed to accelerate therapeutic antibody development. Elevate your understanding of antibody-related therapies and empower your journey towards impactful healthcare solutions.

Resource Center

Explore our extensive set of antibody resources to find the right solutions for your needs and help you overcome challenges that you might meet when developing antibody drugs.


Download related flyers, brochures, white papers, and application notes here to learn more about therapeutic antibodies.

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