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GPC3 proteins
Biotinylated Protein
Fc Receptor Proteins
Immune Checkpoint Proteins
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Human TIM-3 / HAVCR2 Protein, Mouse IgG2a Fc Tag, low endotoxin

Endotoxin <0.1 EU/μg by the LAL method.
Bioactivity validated by ELISA.

Human CD47 Protein, Llama IgG2b Fc Tag, low endotoxin

Llama IgG2b Fc Tagged Human CD47 Protein.
Bioactivity validated by ELISA.

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Exhibition information
Exhibition information
Visit booth #304 at 17th PepTalk: The Protein Science Week in San Diego (January 8-12, 2018) to view ACRO’s latest products. For any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at mkt@acrobiosystems.com.
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GPC3 proteins from ACROBiosystems
GPC3 proteins from ACROBiosystems
ACROBiosystems provides a comprehensive panel of human GPC3 proteins, including both His-tagged GPC3 (Cat. No. GP3-H5223) and Fc-fusion GPC3 (Cat. No. GP3-H5258). In addition, we also offer Cynomolgus GPC3 and Mouse GPC3 proteins in His-tagged and Fc-tagged format. The pre-biotinylated GPC3 prote
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A Comprehensive Panel of BCMA/ BAFF/ BAFFR Proteins
A Comprehensive Panel of BCMA/ BAFF/ BAFFR Proteins
ACROBiosystems provides a comprehensive panel of BCMA proteins, including the exclusive biotinylated BCMA (Cat. No. BCA-C82F4) and the monomeric BCMA (Cat. No. BCA-H522y). We also offer BCMA related proteins, such as BAFF and BAFFR proteins.
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